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To Spain and back.. A few times

And So It Begins

I should have known that everything was going too smoothly before the trip. I was right on time for the plane, and next to a great traveling companion. We talked on the way to Heathrow Airport and he reminded me to keep my stuff close so I wouldn't be the target for pick-pocketing. I could see he was worried, and took what he said to heart, perhaps having not traveled alone I wasn't aware just how careful to be.

Fashion and Beauty

Tauna @ thought.

June 30 2015

CES 2015 Photos

Kanex Interview

Kanex is the leading provider of Apple and iOS accessories. We had a really good time going over the products.

CES 2012

This was my very fist Consumer Electronic Show; what a great time. Here is our first CES blog; I hope you enjoy.

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