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HP'S Multi Jet Fusion is a "Breakthrough for 3D Printing Industry

30 September 2015 16:18

Today at the TCT Show keynote speakers, J. Scott Schiller, HP's Worldwide Director of 3D Printing went into detail on how the company's Multi Jet Fusion Technology. He touched base on how it will be a breakthrough for the 3D printing industry. He also goes over when we can expect to see the product in full production.

To Spain and back.. A few times

And So It Begins

I should have known that everything was going too smoothly before the trip. I was right on time for the plane, and next to a great traveling companion. We talked on the way to Heathrow Airport and he reminded me to keep my stuff close so I wouldn't be the target for pick-pocketing. I could see he was worried, and took what he said to heart, perhaps having not traveled alone I wasn't aware just how careful to be.

Chat Time

Lets see how this goes

Saturday, September 19, 2015 - 20:15

Fashion and Beauty

Tauna @ thought.

June 30 2015

CES 2015 Photos


Kanex Interview

Kanex is the leading provider of Apple and iOS accessories. We had a really good time going over the products.

CES 2012

This was my very fist Consumer Electronic Show; what a great time. Here is our first CES blog; I hope you enjoy.

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