Tauna @ thought.

Just back from #CES2015 and there was a lot to see. What I didn't see was my hover car! Bubba Watsons, Elon Musk I'm waiting! I would like #BubbaWatsons hover golf cart sliced with Tesla's roadster, or FireFly, or maybe an X wing fighter. This way I don't have to worry about potholes, road damage, running over animals, and wasting gas waiting in bay area traffic.

Hi-Fun Interview

Here is a look back at some fun interviews at CES 2013. Talk to your hand, a winter glove that blue tooth enabled, is just one of the unique products.

Kanex Interview

Kanex is the leading provider of Apple and iOS accessories. We had a really good time going over the products.

CES 2012

This was my very fist Consumer Electronic Show; what a great time. Here is our first CES blog; I hope you enjoy.

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