ODG Best Of Class!

I was so happy to be there when the R8 and R9, glasses got their in #CES2017BestInClass award! #SuperProud

Laser 900 Basketball System

When Curtis R. Smith, NBA Skills Trainer decided to make the first ever motion-sports arcade machine he kept his family close. I spent time with them this weekend at CES2017 and was not only impressed by his invention, but by his passion for training. 

Millionaire Gallery

HEX 360 Camera


Your pet will never be alone.

I really loved how this little guy works. I just worry that I will spend more time at work playing with my pets then working

CES 2017

I can't explain how much fun I am having. I will try to post pictures to my snapchat as I go along.

Right now we just got a lot of interview. Please watch them and let us know who you think the best invention of this year is.




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