To Spain and back.. A few times

And So It Begins

I should have known that everything was going to smoothly before the trip. I was right on time for the plane, and next to a great traveling companion. We talked on the way to Heathrow Airport and he reminded me to keep my stuff close so I wouldn't be the target for pickpocketing. I could see he was worried, and took what he said to heart, perhaps having not travelled alone I wasn't aware just how careful to be.

Tauna @ thought.

June 17, 2015

I think manual window handle need to be manual in all cars. It is well known that if your car has an electrical failure the power to the door locks, windows. Every summer in California we have multiple deaths due to drivers unable to roll down there window.

June 11, 2015 in Port Arthur, Texas a 72-year-old man and his dog died of heat exhaustion after they were unable to get out of his locked Corvette.

CES 2015 Photos

CES Videos

Here is a look back at some fun interviews at CES 2013. Talk to your hand, a winter glove that blue tooth enabled, is just one of the unique products.

Kanex Interview

Kanex is the leading provider of Apple and iOS accessories. We had a really good time going over the products.

CES 2012

This was my very fist Consumer Electronic Show; what a great time. Here is our first CES blog; I hope you enjoy.

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