CES 2014

Las Vegas in January can be cold, but you wont be able to tell as CES brings the hottest emerging technologies. Every year I make the trip to blog the even for my website.

This biggest jump in technology this year was the 3D printer. 3D printing has been around for over two decades, but it was not until recent years that it has been affordable. 3D printers have decreased in price over the last four. The prices have decreased from $20,000 just three years ago, to $500 today. This makes the technology available to the daily consumer (RedOrbit, 2014).

CES 2013

Not long till CES start and I can't wait to see what they are going to bring. Here is a look at last years Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. There self proclaimed mission is to find interesting, unique and different product that the traditional media might over look. In this Video blog they have some some interesting and unique products.


Tauna's IT Tips

Here are a few tips to remember

CES 2012

CES 2012

Last years CES was great this year and next year I will be ready for the camera this year.. So hereis a recap of last year.

The meaning of Tauna

I get asked all the time, "Where did you get your name?". My answer is "My Parents." The meaning comes is an English expression meaning "Light brown or Golden Brown." Born with Golden brown hair angle locks and drunken parents "Tauna" was the only choice. Forty years later, I love my name and feel blessed to be Tauna.


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